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     Never thought I'd be able to afford to hire a cleaning service, but after shopping around I discovered Carpet Cleaner West Hampstead and they have made it possible for me to get a regular cleaner. Their rates are so good I've recommended them to everyone I know.
Rich Hamond19/05/2020
     We had WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners clean one of our office spaces. They were great and offered everything you want in a cleaner!
Matt B.19/09/2019
     I needed their carpet cleaners to essentially save the day and take care of my carpet, restore my carpet back to its former glory. Judging by the dire state of my carpet I thought all hope was lost. My carpet was in a seriously bad condition but thankfully that didn't stop their team. Carpet Cleaner West Hampstead handled the situation superbly and took care of everything quickly and without any fuss. I'll definitely be recommending them and using them again.
S. Morris18/04/2019
     I'd be lost without the help of Carpet Cleaner West Hampstead and their cleaners. They've provided a number of great services to me over the years.
Alison M.11/06/2018
     I got a nice sofa cleaning service from Carpet Cleaner West Hampstead at a very budget-friendly price. My sofa looked like new after they were done with it. Excellent service, will use again.
Frank Hamilton28/10/2016
     Our oven endures a lot. We are a family of six who love the baked goodies. As a result, our oven is always occupied and over worked. We decided to give it a break before Christmas and hired West Hampstead Carpet Cleaning Company for oven cleaning. They scrubbed, cleaned and dusted it well. It looks as good as new, inside and out. Excellent work.
Jane M.19/08/2015
     My husband's colleagues decided to come to our house for a dinner last week. I was worried because our kitchen was in a very bad state due to all the stained countertops and the various food experiments our family often carries out in the kitchen. The cleaning services of Carpet Cleaner West Hampstead came in handy and helped us in kitchen cleaning.
Melissa Hastings08/05/2015
     I wanted my rental property cleaning after an untidy tenant moved out. The place was left very dirty, but thanks to WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners they got everything in a clean state for the next tenant. The service is excellent and the workers are efficient. The charges are reasonable and certainly worth the money.
Paul Russell27/02/2015
     I hated cleaning my windows so I looked for some help. I talked to several firms and WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners stood out as the best. I hired them for a one-off as a trial and they passed easily. Their cleaner was friendly and was able to work when needed. The result was magnificent, as was every other part of the service. I got a good deal too, with a free quote I was offered over the phone. I will now hire them to clean my windows every week.
Dillon Cropper18/12/2014
     I am getting a bit on in years now, so cleaning the high and low corners of my home is a bit of a struggle. Eventually, it started to get embarrassing - I couldn't invite my friends over for our weekly get-togethers with the state the house was in. Thanks to WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners though, that all changed. Their cleaning services are top notch, and after just a few hours, everything was as good as new. I can regularly invite my pals over again, and as a bonus my home is looking and smelling fantastic. They get a sturdy recommendation from me.
Arthur P.21/08/2014
     I wanted to let everybody know of what a great cleaning service I have just had. I was fed up of not having enough time to clean my home so called in the specialists. As a busy working mum I couldn't find enough time to do the cleaning and felt I needed some help. I have just used WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners and would definitely suggest you use them if you are looking for an affordable cleaning company that have polite and courteous staff who do a great cleaning job. My home looks so clean and tidy I am just so pleased with the work I have had done, thanks a lot.
Delia Warburton24/07/2014
     I run my own office and although it's very small it requires a lot of upkeep and care to keep it looking clean and sanitary. I wanted to find a cleaning company that could keep on top of my office cleaning needs without me going over budget, and I am very pleased to have found just what I was looking for with WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners. The staff are very attentive and obviously have a high level of office cleaning experience. My office equipment is cleaned diligently and with great care, which I really appreciate. It's obvious that these people know what they're doing, and I now use them regularly for a thorough and affordable office clean!
Laura P.08/07/2014
     I have just moved into a new home and I have had trouble keeping it clean. I inherited a lot of mess with the new building and it was taking too much time to get rid of it all. Stains and dust covered the interior so I decided to call in some help. WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners was who I contacted and they gave me evening I needed; a top cleaning team. Their staff swept through the house and got rid of every speck of dust and eliminated every blemish. The house looks great and it's ready for me to live in, thanks to their hard work.
Sanjay K.20/06/2014
     A stain had appeared on my carpet after having family and friends round to celebrate Diwali last year. I just panicked and tried desperately to clean it before it dried in forever. With no avail I headed for my Yellow pages to find a carpet cleaning company. I quickly called WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners and to my surprise they came out on the same day. The guy took a close look at the stain and told me not to stress. He gave me a quote for the removal of the stain and I accepted. He commenced the job straight away and the carpet looked immaculate. I had been very satisfied with the result and the price so I would definitely recommend them.
R. Hussein26/05/2014
     Hopefully I will not be alone in suggesting to all that will listen that WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners are well worth your time and effort to get involved with. I am no person to be talking on the matter, as I am terrible at cleaning, but this does make me a bit of an expert in watching others clean, and this team are in a class of their own! They got my place looking fit for a king in no time at all, and I will be very glad to see them again next week for more excellent value cleaning.
Roger Ward14/05/2014
     I hope that all reading this will hire WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners on my recommendation. I have been using them for a few months, and they really have been an excellent addition to my household. Every week, the place is made to look incredible whilst I am at work, and the result is that I get home to a beautiful home, ready to get on with other things that boring cleaning! With great value services like these, I am guilt free about offloading a certain amount of my chores, so give them a go!
Ana R.05/03/2014
     I have to admit to being a bit of a neat freak, and last Christmas my husband bought me a one-off house clean by WestHampsteadCarpetCleaners. As I am sure you can imagine I wasn't impressed and he got a bit of silent treatment before persuading me to actually book it. So in February of this year I decided to give them a call and book a clean, expecting not to be happy with the service of level of results. How wrong I was - my house had never looked so good! I was hooked, and my husband was delighted when I asked if we could employ them on a weekly basis!
Annie C.30/01/2014

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